Dedicated to providing excellent automotive services and business relationships that increase productivity and create value.

Community Car Service shines within its marketplace and offers excellent automotive services by integrating with our clients' marketing and sales plans.

Since 1980, we've increased business by creating strategies, tools and relationships that have an immediate and positive impact on the client's bottom line.

We're proud to say that for more than a decade, we've added value through a proven and disciplined approach that turns channel strategies into profitable results.

Meet the Community Car Service Team that is ready to help your company profit in value-add and direct channels


Corporate Headquarters:

Events Manager:
Community Car ServiceSky Grady
1810 N Columbia Portland, OR 97217Phone: 503.289.7754
Portland, OR 97217Cell: 503.891.6396
Fax: 503.240.0589
 Email: sky@communitycarservice.net

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