• $10 dollar full service oil changes
  • Over 22 FREE preventative maintenance services
  • Satisfaction Guarantee* 

Is having reliable vehicles critical to your busy life? 
You can have an experienced, professional mechanic in your community take care of your cars and/or trucks at a fraction of traditional rates! When you purchase a CCS Auto Care package, you get more than peace of mind. You save money – lots of it. 

Community Car Service shines within its marketplace. We are dedicated to providing excellent automotive services and business relationships that increase productivity and create value.
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In our CCS Auto Care package you get 8 oil changes that include the cost of oil & filter, vehicle inspection, fluid check and top-off, and chassis lube.

And that’s just for starters. . . You also get over 22 other FREE services that are critical to having a reliable vehicle. Services such as brake adjustments, transmission service, radiator flush, tire rotations and so many more. Most packages also include blanket discounts on parts and labor for any work your vehicle might need. 

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